80's & 90's Freestyle Vol.1 (DJ Frank-EC)

Freestyle Vol.1 (DJ Frank-EC) is here! 

Dance To The Best 80's & 90's Freestyle


Freestyle Vol.1

Track List


  1. Girl.  Daize
  2. Fallen Angel.  Clear Touch
  3. Running.  Information Society
  4. Don't You Think It's Time.  Fascination
  5. Give Your Love To Me.  TKA
  6. Wondering.  Tonasia
  7. Why Did You Do It.  Exo
  8. Automatic.  Freestyle
  9. Nayafish.  Hashim
  10. Love You Will You Love Me.  Judy Torres
  11. Don't Take Your Love.  Lydia Lee Love
  12. My Heart Gets All The Breaks. Monet
  13. No Reason To Cry.  Judy Torres
  14. Only In The Night.  Voices In Fashion
  15. Crying Over You.  Soave
  16. Second Chance For Love.  Nayobe
  17. Scars Of Love.  TKA
  18. It's Not Too Late.  Sequal
  19. Loving You.  Solid
  20. Tender Heart.  Leather & Lace
  21. When I Hear Music.  Debbie Deb