Old Skool Hip-Hop (DJ FRANK-EC)

Old Skool Hip-Hop Vol. 1 (DJ Frank-EC) is Here!  

"Jams From Back In The Day"


WARNING: Mix Contains Some Explicit Lyrics

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Old Skool Hip-Hop Vol.1

Track List


  1. I Got It Made. Special Ed

  2. I Ain't No Joke. Eric B. & Rakim

  3. Shook Ones. Mobb Deep

  4. Lookin' At The Front Door. Main Source

  5. The Choice Is Yours. Black Sheep

  6. Ain't No Half Steppin. Big Daddy Kane

  7. Code Of The Streets. Gang Starr

  8. How Many Mc's. Black Moon

  9. If I Can't. 50 Cent

  10. Still Dre. Dr. Dre Feat Snoop Dog

  11. Throw Ya Gunz In The Air. Onyx

  12. DWYCK. Gang Starr Feat. Nice & Smooth

  13. Ghetto Red Hot. Super Cat

  14. Super Cat. Cutty Ranks

  15. Pun Tu Nun. El General

  16. Who Say Me Dun. Cutty Ranks

  17. Road To The Riches. Cool G. Rap & Polo

  18. Money, Power & Respect. Lil Kim/The Lox

  19. Rock Box. Run-DMC

  20. OPP. Naughty By Nature

  21. Friends. Whoodini

  22. Smooth Operator. Big Daddy Kane