80's & 90's Freestyle Vol. 5 The Forgotten Tracks (DJ Frank-EC)

Freestyle Vol.5 The Forgotten Tracks (DJ Frank-EC) is here!

 Dance To The Best 80's & 90's Freestyle

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Freestyle Vol.5 The Forgotten Tracks

Track List

1.       Heartbreak- Never Stop Loving You

2.       Jasmin- On The Loose

3.       Deniz – Why Cant You Love Me

4.       Midnight Fantasy- Come Back To Me

5.       Dancer’s Dream ft India- Mirage

6.       Donna Williams – Alibies

7.       Rios- You

8.       Nas-T Boyz – What I’m Feeling

9.       Solid- Loving You

10.   Jasmin- Once Is Enough

11.   Marc Anthony & Chrissy Iece – You Should Know By Now

12.   Olga- Play Another Song For Me

13.   C-Bank – Perfect

14.   La’ Girls- No More No More

15.   Donna Williams ft George Lamond- True Love Never Dies

16.   Joey Gold- Devil In My Heart

17.   Maribell- Roses Are Red

18.   The Girls Clube- I Lost The Love